SRCDS Discovery Hills in Tilha-Ong, Consolacion

Situated in the borders near Liloan, the SRCDS in Sitio Tagaytay, Tilha-Ong is a home to a huge Mother Mary Statue. Aside from the towering figure, which is visible in the nearby El Monte Grande Subdivision, the SRCDS Discovery Hills also has a “Stations of the Cross”, a Park for Kids and other attractions. It is located in a steep slope, with great views of the lush greeneries of Liloan and Consolacion. Accessible by Car or Motorcycle from the road that leads to Curva, Liloan and San Vicente, the Discovery Hills is not only a “Family Park” but it serves as a meditation area for those who want to reflect and thank the Lord.

SRCDS Discovery Hills

SRCDS Discovery Hills

There are cool, cozy bamboo cottages, which can be rented to make the stay more comfortable. Children can also play in the park with gigantic replicas of giraffes and cows, and a ferns sanctuary. Above are two zipline cables, which means guests can zip two at a time. Since the 240-meter, 70-foot high zipline forms a letter “L,” one gets to ride again from Tower 2 to Tower 3.

Be sure to bring a high-powered 4×4 or 4×2 vehicle if you want to climb the steep concrete road of Discovery Hills, otherwise you can leave you car or motorcycle in the designated areas below. There is an on-going construction of a village near the entrance of the area, which becomes more challenging when there are vehicles going in and out at the same time.

Entrance fee is P25 for adults, P10 for kids, P100 for zipline. There are also quad bikes for rent at P25 for every two rounds at the oval. Kids develop an instant attachment to the all-terrain vehicle, so management has to allow only two rounds per kid in the spirit of equal opportunity.

Owned and managed by the San Roque Child Development School, which is just along the National Highway, just a few meters from the corner going to Tilha-ong, SRCDS Discovery Hills can arrange transportation from the School.

If you want to discover Mary (Birhen sa Fatima), you can visit her at the SRCDS Discovery Hills. If you wan to see more large statues of Mother Mary, you can also check Q Park and Simala Monastery

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