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Whale Shark Watching


Briefing before Whale Shark Watching

As part of the Government’s policy, all foreign and domestic tourists must go through a short briefing before getting close with the Whale Sharks. Locally known as Butanding, the Whale Sharks are huge mammals that don’t attack humans. These gentle giants are wonders of nature and they must be taken care of. If the briefing area, the guests will undergo a short seminar on the do’s and dont’s when getting intimate with the Whale Sharks. Stepping on it or even touching the Whale […]

Exit Now – Escape in 45-minutes Real Life Adventure

UPDATE: Exit Now is CLOSED FOR BUSINESS Ever wonder what to do in Cebu when you have already encountered most of its classic adventures? Exit Now Cebu may be the answer to your adventure cravings. A 45-minute (or less) reality adventure game, Exit Now offers a new definition to adrenaline rush. It is a game played by friends, families, lovers and dating couples. It extracts the best in you – physically, mentally and emotionally. Considered as the first of its kind here in […]

Stop the Maltreatment of Whale Sharks in Oslob & Boljoon

For the information of many avid readers of this travel blog, a viral photo of a girl standing on top of a whale shark, locally known as “Butanding” (Tagalog) and “Tuki” (Visayan), in Boljoon (NOT Oslob) in Cebu, has been the topic on social networking websites recently. Boljoon and Oslob are two different municipalities but are next to each other. It is highly possible that some Butanding, who used to dwell in the waters near Oslob, decided to move to another place because […]

6D Theater Cebu at Crown Regency-Fuente

If you are looking for an adventure, that is something new, but you lack the time to go to an island such as Boracay or a faraway place such as Camiguin or wait for your turn to try the ride in a highly-populated tourist attraction, you might want to experience this 6D theater in the heart of the city of Cebu. The Six Dimensional Theater or commonly known as the 6D Theater Cebu is one of the few in the country. All your […]

Osmeña Peak in Mantalongon, Dalaguete

Considered by many as one of Cebu’s most visited tourist attractions, the Osmeña Peak will surely make you appreciate the beauty of nature even more. Climbing the Osmeña Peak should be part of your bucket list as this is the highest point in Cebu. At 1,076.2 MASL (Meters Above Sea Level), this highest point in the island gives a spectacular view of the nearby Bohol and Negros Islands. Mantalongon is one of the 33 Barangays in the Town of Dalaguete, Province of Cebu. […]

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