Briefing before Whale Shark Watching

As part of the Government’s policy, all foreign and domestic tourists must go through a short briefing before getting close with the Whale Sharks. Locally known as Butanding, the Whale Sharks are huge mammals that don’t attack humans. These gentle giants are wonders of nature and they must be taken care of.

If the briefing area, the guests will undergo a short seminar on the do’s and dont’s when getting intimate with the Whale Sharks. Stepping on it or even touching the Whale Shark is strictly prohibited. There must be a space between the watcher and the sea creature to make sure the animal is safe from harm. Taking a photo is fine but make sure there is no flash. Other information about the Butanding will also be explained at the briefing area.

Rates for Whale Shark Watching

  • Standard Rate – P1000
  • Discounted Rate for Locals – P500
Briefing Area of the Oslob Whaleshark Watching

Briefing Area of the Oslob Whaleshark Watching

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