6D Theater Cebu at Crown Regency-Fuente

If you are looking for an adventure, that is something new, but you lack the time to go to an island such as Boracay or a faraway place such as Camiguin or wait for your turn to try the ride in a highly-populated tourist attraction, you might want to experience this 6D theater in the heart of the city of Cebu.

6D Theater at Crown Regency

6D Theater at Crown Regency

The Six Dimensional Theater or commonly known as the 6D Theater Cebu is one of the few in the country. All your senses will trick you that you are really inside the 10-minute movie. Yes, this 6D Theater is only 10 to 15 minutes depending on the movie you choose but you will surely have an adrenaline rush if you try this.

Crown Regency-Cebu and Club Ultima Residences is a two-tower Hotel & Condominium that offers several attractions including the Sky Experience Adventure, Wall Climbing and many others. The 6D Theater used to be 4D but because of the innovative engineers of the Hotel, they decided to add special effects like raindrops (can’t make you wet though), bubbles, crawling objects, moving cinema seats, wind, etc. The effects depend on the movie that you choose. They have the Roller Coaster, Forest, etc for the adventure lovers and they have choices for kids. For those who love extreme adventure, you can choose the horror movies and extreme adventures.

Inside this 6-Dimensional Theater is about a dozen cinema seats, a huge screen and viewers will use 3D glasses for a better viewing experience. After you experience the 6D Theater, you will surely know that your adrenaline has gone up for a few minutes. You will feel pumped up and tired at the same time after the movie, which is why 10 to 15 minutes is already enough. At P250 per person per ride, you will surely enjoy this adventure during your short free time.

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